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Breast Cancer Information

Breast Cancer is any type of malignant growth arising in the tissues of the breast. Certain cells undergo an abnormal change and begin a process of uncontrolled growth. These cells can invade neighboring tissues and they can spread throughout the body and establish new growths (metastasize) at distant sites.

Breast cancer can take many forms and follow different paths. Tumors developing from one type of breast tissue do not necessarily look or act like those from another type of breast tissue. Some breast cancers grow rapidly, others evolve over many years. Some, perhaps microscopic at the time they are discovered, might never pose a threat to health.

Breast cancer is almost always a disease of women and typically a disease of older women. More than 65 percent of the cases occur in women over age 45. But when breast cancer does strike younger women, it tends to be more aggressive.

The cause of breast cancer remains unknown. Both hereditary and environmental factors appear to contribute to its development and many elements - as diverse as ear wax types and diet - have been associated and investigated. Hormones, which induce changes in breast tissue with each menstrual cycle, during pregnancy and lactation, and at menopause, also influence the course of breast cancer.

Eighty-five percent of all breast cancers are small enough to be considered operable at the time they are diagnosed. A variety of therapeutic procedures can successfully control the disease for a time, sometimes several years, but no available therapy is capable of curing breast cancer once it has become widespread.

Because the causes of breast cancer are unknown, it cannot be prevented. The best hope for recovery lies in early treatment, which in turn is made possible by early detection and diagnosis.

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